Spalling occurs when bricks absorb too much moisture in the winter months, where the water within the bricks freezes and expands, causing the face of the bricks to burst. Spalling is addressed by cutting out and replacing or refacing spalled bricks.

Here at Sposato Masonry we have specialized equipment to cut out, remove and replace these bricks when possible. The removal and replacement of bricks cannot always be accomplished do to the vibration during removal. This vibration can cause the surrounding bricks to loosen, or also damage the surrounding bricks. In these situations we carefully ground out the damaged bricks until the solid body of the brick is exposed. We then use specialized bonding cement and adhere a 1/2" brick veneer facing over the remaining solid body of the previous brick. After that, we Tuck-point the mortar joints surrounding the bricks to lock the brick in place. We have been using this method for the past 8 years, and have never had one failure due to the specialized bonding cements and techniques we use when bonding the veneers in place.