Sposato Masonry

Why Sposato Masonry
Why Sposato Masonry

Mike Sposato comes from a bloodline of contractors including his father and his two uncles. Mike primarily learned the trade of masonry from his father Giuseppe Sposato, during his early teenage years. After Giuseppe passed away young Mike Sposato spent time working with both of his uncles, who trained and guided him to take over his father business when he perfected the trade. With the support of his family, Mike was able to continue his father’s company and legacy.

Since taking over the company, he has been highly dedicated to the masonry field. Since 2003 Mike has continued educating himself. Mike travels to different parts of the country on a yearly basis to take hands on training classes, seminars, and certification classes as well as attends conventions in the masonry field.

Mike is so highly educated in the masonry field he has been recognized and came out in magazines and newspaper articles for his enthusiasm in educating himself in the masonry field. Mike is considered as being in the 1% of the masonry Industry. He not only does masonry work for a living, but has also turned it into his hobby as well. In his spare time Mike likes to make countertops, tables, sculptures, waterfalls, trees and more, using only concrete.

Mike Sposato