Sposato Masonry

Sposato Masonry was started by Giuseppe Sposato in 1986 and has been family owned and operated ever since. After Giuseppe’s passing, son Mike Sposato took over the company and has been in charge of running the company since 2003.
Yes we are licensed and insured with liability and workman’s comp insurance. We are also licensed by the Attorney Generals Office of New Jersey. Both can be looked up online with the state or copies of our insurance can be sent to you if requested.
Mike the owner does all the estimating himself. You will meet with him in person. He will look over your project and explain to you why the issues are happening, and when possible offer different options on how to fix the problem. Mike has been working with masonry his whole life and does not rely on square foot pricing which can be dramatically off. He calculates labor, material, company overhead and profit to provide an accurate estimate. Most jobs Mike can figure out on the spot and provide you with an estimate before even leaving the property.
Mike Sposato comes from a bloodline of contractors. Not only did he learn the trade from his father at his early teenage years of his life. Both of his uncles were also contractors. After Giuseppe passed away young Mike Sposato spent some time working with both his uncles who trained and guided him to take over his father business. With the support of his family Mike was able to continue his father company. Since then he has been highly dedicated to the masonry field. Mike travels to different parts of the country on a yearly basis to take hands on training seminars, certification classes and attends conventions. Mike is so highly educated in the masonry field he is recognized and considered as being in the 1% of the Industry.
Every chimney is different in size, use and location. The best way is to come out and take a look and exactly what the issue is, than we can email you a FREE quote explaining the damage and the purposed work needed.
Yes, that is the best reason to do work with a small local business, Mike is usually on the job site most days, if not he is always available to meet in person and discuss the job prior, during and after completion.
Hiring the right contractor now a days is no easy task. It is estimated that we are lacking 2 million employees nation wide in the construction field. Pricing should never be your guide to hiring a contractor, either cheap or expensive. Like the old saying goes you get what you pay for. If you get an estimate that is extremely cheap compared the other prices there’s usually going to be a problem. Some contractors give a cheap price to get there foot in the door and then make it up by charging a ridiculous amount for every little thing that purposely wasn’t in the contract. Other inexperienced contractors underbid the work not giving them enough money to properly do the project which ends up with corner being cut and even though the finish product might look the same the lifespan usually is not. I have seen plenty of work that should have lasted 30 years before needing repairs start giving problems within a couple of years and sometimes even having to be done over. High prices on the other hand might be from an inexperienced contractor who is over pricing the work thinking its going to take a lot more man power and material to do a job then it really should. The best thing to do is good old fashion homework. Search on the internet the contractor who you are interested in working with and see if he has any good or bad reviews. Check with the Attorney Generals office and make sure they are state licensed. Check with the better business borough see and see if they have any complains. Ask for local references that you could reach out to speak about the work they provided for them.



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